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Our Program Highlights

Our direct access to worldwide Investors provides our clients with commercial letters of credit that show a reliable account balance to support their financial endeavors. With a pool of more than $282 Billion Dollars, we have the resources that are necessary to help you move forward with your plans as quickly as possible.

We are continuously expanding our network and introducing new Investors to our network worth over $282 Billion. The result is that Swift Capital Funds has many satisfied clients who have placed their trust in our services and found that trust rewarded.
Seasoned assets are a critical part of the underwriting process to prove financial stability and longevity. These blocked funds have been in the Provider’s account for at least six months, providing ample financial history for lender approval.
Low rates have contributed to many clients successes. With rates as low as 1.0% per month, Swift Capital Funds is a highly affordable option to complete financial endeavors. Combined with our fantastic customer service and quick turnaround time, our dedicated specialists can complete your transaction in as little as five days.
With no required credit or background checks, the application process and formalities are kept very simple and straightforward minimizing the time spent on the approval process.

Complete Application

Completely digital application process leads to quick approval

Get application approved within 72 hours

Client will provide completed application and attach all required documents, in the “APPLICATION” section of our site.

Escrow Confirmation

Only 2.0% deposit upfront upon Escrow Agent approval

Client may choose licensed Escrow Agent

Upon confirmation of Escrow deposit with the Agent, contracts will be ready for signature and issued within 72 hours.

Sign Contracts

Digitally signing contracts saves time & leads to completion

The Last Step Before Receiving Your Account

Upon execution of contracts by both parties, a Cash Account will be opened in the Client’s name within a negotiated timeframe.

Cash Account Issued

It's just that quick and easy, your transaction is complete!

Account is assigned within days

Upon execution of contracts, a Cash Account will be opened in the Client’s name and signature. Payment due in 5 days.

Cash Account Procedures

We have streamlined our procedures from beginning to end to make it easier and faster for you. We know efficiency is key to a timely close of the transaction, that’s why our application and contracts are digital to reduce time with unnecessary paperwork.

Client will provide completed application on website and attach all required documents: Bank Statement to prove ability to deposit initial Escrow Deposit, Verbiage for Instrument, Color copy of each Signatory’s Passport, Document to confirm Signatory’s Name and Address
COMPANIES ONLY: Certificate of Incorporation or Articles of Organization
Your application will pass from the hands of Swift Capital Funds to the desk of the underwriter. In the underwriting process, an underwriter will make sure your financial profile matches your requirements and funding criteria. Then, your underwriter will make the final decision – to approve or deny your instrument request.

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Upon approval of Client’s application and proof of ability to deposit the Arrangement Fee in the Escrow Account, Escrow instructions will be provided so that the initial Arrangement Fee can be deposited by the Client into the Escrow Trust Account. It is a condition in the Escrow Agreement that in the event we do not open the Cash Account, the Arrangement Fee will be returned in full to the Client by the Escrow Agent.

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Concurrent with the Client’s execution of the Escrow Agreements, the Client must deposit the initial Arrangement Fee into the Escrow Account. Client is to provide Escrow Agent and Swift Capital Funds with a copy of the Arrangement Fee receipt. Escrow Agent will provide Swift Capital Funds with written confirmation of receipt of said deposit.

Call U.S. Toll-Free to apply over the phone + 1 (855) 333-3212.

Upon confirmation that the Arrangement Fee has been deposited by the Client into the Escrow Trust Account, Swift Capital Funds will issue contracts as listed:

  • Disclaimer
  • Memorandum of Understanding
  • Indemnity Agreement
  • Zero Fraud Disclosure
  • Verification Disclosure
  • Principal Leasing Agreement.

Upon execution of all said contracts by both parties, and confirmation the Arrangement Fee has been deposited, a Cash Account will be opened in the Client’s name, and funds will be deposited into the Cash Account in the amount stipulated in the Principal Agreement.

The Arrangement Fee is released from the Trust Account when verification of the Cash Account is provided to the Escrow Agent that the account has been set up in the client’s name, and that the appropriate funds have been deposited as stipulated in the Principal Agreement.

The Cash Account will remain open for the Client’s use for the period of time stated in the Principal Agreement, and conditionally, may be extended through mutual agreement, and payment by the Client of the Arrangement Fee for such extensions within five (5) days of the expiration of the current term.

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Standby Letter of Credit & Bank Guarantee Lease Procedures

SBLC, BG, and SWIFT instruments are very similar to the issuance of a Cash Account. It is very important to check with your bank or lender to ensure you are receiving the correct instrument.
The SBLC and BG leasing procedures are very similar to that of a Cash Account. The Application Process all the way through Contract Signatures is exactly the same. The difference is how the instrument is delivered. With that, we have two options.
The SWIFT procedure to deliver a Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC) or Bank Guarantee (BG) can be delivered one of two ways, the first:

Provider issues a SWIFT MT103 to initiate contact with the Beneficiary’s Bank.
The Beneficiary Bank then responds with an invitation in format of a SWIFT MT799.
The Provider then issues the SWIFT MT 760 to the Beneficiary Bank.

The second option is as follows:

Beneficiary issues a SWIFT MT799 to the Provider’s Bank.
The Provider then responds with the SWIFT MT760.

Escrow Fees are due within 24 hours of delivery and verification of the instrument. The remaining fees are delivered within 5 banking days. A longer time to pay the remaining fees due may be negotiated for a fee.

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The staff at SCF was extremely helpful and straight to the point about what they could do for me and, with a busy schedule, that’s what I like. They are very recommended for their patience and friendliness, I never felt rushed. They’re awesome!
James Harrison, Avada Intl.
I was very pleased with the information I received. The request for documents was sent to me, I provided the needed information and the process went very smoothly. I was pleased with the professionalism and the way the process was completed.
Ross Aajami, Markuz Financial Inc
I remember sitting at my desk stressing about how long it would take me to save up enough money for new equipment I needed to help my business grow. I called Swift Capital Funds, digitally submitted my information and was approved. It was that easy. We were able to use the funds wisely and we made it work for us.
Robert Curran, LSD, LLC

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Swift Capital Funds is the premiere agency for equity and debt-secured cash accounts, on a fixed-return basis, for “Proof of Funds” uses. We provide organizations and individuals the ability to complete long-term financing or meet other on-going project needs. We offer support because we care about your project as much as you do.

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