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Welcome to Swift Capital Funds, a socially responsible, venture development firm that specializes in leased banking instruments. We have provided intelligent financial solutions by granting access to monetary assets for over five years. With these assets, businesses can now enjoy the same credit enhancement opportunities as large corporations. The distinct advantages are better financing terms and creditworthiness, as well as access to trade and purchase transactions previously not available. Most persons at financial institutions do not understand the nature of leased bank instruments. However, banking institutions utilize the principles of financial asset leasing quite frequently and have for some time.

Our direct access to global Investor funds provides  Swift Capital Funds clients with a unique financial solution to complete business ventures that were otherwise unobtainable. With a pool of more than $282 Billion Dollars, we have the resources to issue commercial letters of credit which may be the key to assisting you in moving forward with your plans. Swift Capital Funds offers Bank Cash Accounts in amounts that range from $1 Million Dollars to $5 Billion Dollars, in 30-day increments, with no background or credit checks. Our rates are as low as 1.0% per month, presenting our clients with a highly affordable option to complete their projects, efficiently and within budget.

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We are founded on the principles of honesty and integrity. We  practice ethical behavior for consistent and positive results for our clients.

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The ability to be creative and make key business decisions are vital. Our intuition directs our clients to great success and higher profits.

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We don’t give up when the going gets tough. We strongly believe that we can help you overcome any obstacle by working harder.

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